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Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource Certification

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Short Sales and Foreclosures — The New “Traditional” Transaction
For many real estate professionals, short sales and foreclosures are the new "traditional" real estate transaction. Knowing how to help sellers maneuver the complexities of short sales as well as help buyers pursue short sale and foreclosure opportunities are not merely good skills to have in today’s market—they are critical. And while short sales and foreclosures are not for the faint of heart, agents with the proper tools and training can use these specialty areas to build their business for the long term.
Don’t Go It Alone — Choose SFR
Designed for real estate professionals at all experience levels, the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Short Sales and Foreclosures Resource certification, or SFR for short, gives you a road map for understanding how to:
•    Counsel sellers facing foreclosures
•    Qualify sellers for short sales
•    Develop a short-sale package
•    Negotiate with lenders
•    Tap into buyer demand
•    Safeguard your commission
•    Limit risk
•    Protect buyers
As many agents can attest, your ability to close short sales and foreclosures depends in part on your confidence in seeing these transactions through. Begin building your confidence today with SFR!
How This Certification Benefits You
1.    Education in classroom and online formats that fit your schedule and wallet
2.    Electronic toolkit with practical forms and worksheets
3.    Free Webinars that you can download anytime, anywhere
4.    Access to SFR logo and marketing materials
5.    Differentiation as an SFR at
6.    Online networking with your peers
Becoming SFR Certified
The path to pursuing the SFR certification is straightforward. Follow these four steps:
1.    Be a member in good standing of the National Association of REALTORS®
2.    Complete a qualifying core course. Choose ONE of the following:
3.    REBAC’s Short Sales and Foreclosures Course
4.    One day in length
5.    Available in classroom
6.    Online version is coming soon
7.    CRS 111: Short Sales and Foreclosures: Protecting Your Clients’ Interests
8.    One day in length
9.    Available in classroom
10.    Complete three 1-hour Webinars
11.    Webinars available free of charge at
12.    Download the application at
13.    Send completed application with $175 application fee to

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