Georgia Salesperson Pre-license Exam

School Exam Requirements!

School Exam Eligibility
•    Completion of your Pre-license course.
•   You will not be eligible to register to take the state exam until you have successfully completed the course, passed the school exam, and the school has submitted your eligibility to the Georgia Real Estate Commission.
•    Make certain you register for the Cram Course (optional - only available for Sales and Broker Pre-license students). We strongly encourage you to attend before you take the school test!
•    Pass school exam with minimum of 75%.
•    Testing for your course currently takes place immediatly following your in-class course, or by appointment only for on-line students.

State Exam/Licensing Eligibility

•    Completion of the 75-hour Salesperson Pre-license course, or if a broker candidates, the 60-hour Broker Pre-license.
•    Register and pay $115.00 for state exam at or 1 (800) 345-6559.
Licensing Eligibility
•    Submit a clear Criminal History Report that is not more than 60 days
old when submitting for the license. (Check your local Police Department or Sheriff’s Department for convenient locations to obtain this report.)
•    Provide the Sponsoring Broker form.
•    Pay $170.00 for state license.
•    Important contact information for the Peachtree Institute of Real Estate: 


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